How To Download WhatsApp for PC Windows XP, 7, 8 / Mac For Free


WhatsApp has become the most popular chat application around, providing users with the opportunity to send messages, start video or audio calls and create conferences from their mobile devices without paying any other additional fees. Even though WhatsApp was initially intended for Android, Symbian, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows-based smartphones and tablets, this application is now available for download for PC and laptops as well, even though it might require a longer time due to the fact that there is no way to get it directly and people have to go through a long process to have it installed on their PCs or laptops.

Follow these steps in order to get your WhatsApp on your PC or laptop instantly!

In the first place, you have to download BlueStacks, a mobile device emulator that will allow you to install WhatsApp application on your PC or laptop without further complications. BlueStacks is available for any operating system available out there, including Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, Windows XP and Mac OSX, and can be downloaded from its original manufacturer’s website. Once you download and install it, you will simply have to run in on the background.

The next step consists of downloading WhatsApp apk file from its original website – make sure to download Android version, to make sure that its extension will be apk and not any other one. Once you download it, you should open it via BlueStacks, which will allow you to install it further and run it on your PC or laptop just like you would be running it on your mobile device.

If the installation fails, you may try to install WhatsApp via BlueStacks manually, which will require you a longer time and patience as well. This process is mostly adapted for Max OSX, but it should work decently on Windows operating systems as well: open “Terminal” and execute the following commands: cd /Applications/, ./uhd-adb kill-server and ./uhd-adb devices, all of them written below each other in the provided order. You will automatically receive a message telling you “List of devices attached: emulator-5554 device” – if so, simply proceed to the next step.

Now you have to execute the following command: ./uhd-adb install -s “emulator-5554″ /Downloads/”Name of file”.apk, where “Name of file” should be “WhatsApp.” This should hopefully install this application to any laptop or PC manually using BlueStacks, but the classic method should also work as long as the laptop or computer in question runs smoothly and the BlueStacks version corresponds to its operating system.

After you install WhatsApp on your laptop or PC, you have to open BlueStacks, click on “My Apps” and select WhatsApp. After that, you have to accept the Terms and Conditions, then proceed to entering your current mobile number in the provided field. Note: make sure to enter your country code (for example, +1 for United States and +44 for United Kingdom) and then your phone number. After you do so, WhatsApp will verify your phone number, and you will receive a failure notice – at this time you will click on “Call me,” and you will receive an automatic call with a confirmation number. Write down the number in question, then type it in the verification field and WhatsApp is completely configured to your PC or laptop.

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